Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Anna

In June my cousin Sarah had the first great grand baby on my mom's side of the family. They live in California until she's discharged from the Marines so we don't get to see them too much. I'm pretty sure it drives all the grandparents crazy to have to be so far away from the new cute little baby but she still gets pretty spoiled even at a distance.

They came home for Christmas so I got to take a few 6 month photos.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cobra Kai's 2nd Anniversary Party

Cobra Kai is a local entertainment promotions group that I do some shoots for sometimes. The other night they were celebrating their second year and released their second volume compilation CD with tracks from some of the bands they've brought to town this past year.

Evan Mitchell One Man Band, who is always a good time, premiered his acoustic show and I think I can safely say is the first act to perform on the bar at Mardi Crawlers.
The boys from Benedict Arnold were just a blast. They put on a great show and had a lot of fun. I hadn't seen them play before but I'm sure I'll see them play again.
I Stabbed My Landlord singing a long with Scene of Irony.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Toy Drive

I hung out at Moonlight for a couple hours tonight for their toy drive. People could bring in toys or donate toward toys and get a free picture taken with Santa. I, of course was on hand to take the photos and print them out for everyone. The kids also got a goodie bag with cookies, stickers, some coupons for mom & dad and a few other things. All in all a good deal for making xmas a little better for some children.

We're getting together and doing it all over again on Saturday December 18th from 11-2 in the afternoon. So come on out and bring a toy. You don't have to stay for lunch, but if you do I recommend the house salad dressing. Best dressing ever. You might even want to put it on a salad. :)

...This one was pretty untrusting.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

In The Movies

The other day I got word from the Alton Undead that they knew someone needing a cast for a small shoot he was doing. I think it was a class assignment where he needed to re-create a scene from a movie. He chose the bathroom scene in Full Metal Jacket.

I took a few stills and my husband played Pvt. Joker. Isn't he cute?

It was pretty cold down in the basement of the Milton school, those boys running around in their underwear were troopers. We had a good time though. It was fun.