Thursday, March 24, 2011

Midnight Boudoir

A few days this month I've got together with Meredith of Milton Schoolhouse fame and worked on getting some product photos for Glenda's shop Midnight Boudoir. She makes beautiful pieces with feathers.
About a month ago Glenda sent Meredith a few boxes of her fascinators so she could model them and Meredith asked if I would help her do this.
I knew I wanted to give a feel of someone actually wearing them out so people could see what they might use them for and also to have a good idea of how they'd really look on them. I also knew I'd like to show them in both formal and casual ways.
I never would have been able to come up with all the ways Meredith thought of to wear them. I'm so grateful she was so creative because like I said, I really wanted to showcase their versatility. Placing some on clothes as a boutonniere and accenting a hat are probably some of the best examples of this.

So go check out Midnight Boudoir's shop on Etsy, but also Meredith & Joel's adventures at the Milton Schoolhouse. It's very entertaining. They also have an Etsy shop, you can follow the shop link on the top of their page.


Evie's One Year Old

We were going to take Evie's pictures a little bit closer to her actual birthday but the poor thing was sick.

This time of the year here, the weather is all over the place. The day we were originally going to do her pictures was a beautiful day, much warmer than any other day that week. When that happens it feels like it's just for you and I was nervous that we were missing our window to take some photos outside. As it happens, we lucked out again and our make-up date was even warmer than the day we missed. (I foolishly thought we may have actually been done with winter but I woke up this morning and had to turn that 'ol heat back on)

We met up at Godfrey park for most of them. She seemed a little suspicious of me but we got along pretty well and she enjoyed checking out the park. Mostly the wood chips laying all over the ground. Those were definitely the most interesting.

She also liked to show me where her belly button is.
After the park, we went back to the house and let her run around the living room a bit and play with her toys.

Then it came time for the birthday cake. She didn't waste any time going for that icing. I have to assume there was a simmilar situation at the actual birthday party and if she didn't go right for the cake then, she remembered that this cake thing is good news for her.

She tore about half of it away before feeling it was time to crawl away and wasn't too thrilled with me not letting her crawl away too far and launched into tears. Mommy came in to save her and cleaned her off. She was awake when I left but I'm sure she slept good that afternoon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Naughti Gras 4

Last weekend the Koken Art Gallery had their erotic art show, Naughti Gras for it's fourth year.

I've been to the show before but never got around to entering until this year.
[This is me with my photo. It's still for sale if you're interested.]

Naughti Gras is a real good time. In addition to the rooms full of art work there's also performances going on in multiple places the whole time.

They build it up bigger every year. I can't wait to see what they come up with for next year.