Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something Good From Something Tragic

I think what the Westboro Baptists didn't realize when they first started protesting is the more exposure they get, the less steam they have. When you catch people off guard at an emotional time preaching horrible things you're sure to anger them and get the reactions you're looking for. But the more people are aware of their existence, the more they understand what they're all about, the more common it will be to see people react appropriately. They should be ignored and dismissed.

Today some members of that "church" were in Bethalto IL to protest another military funeral, but as I drove into town I was overwhelmed with positive energy. All the major streets I came across were covered in American flags, big and small. People were gathering all along the side of the road to show support for Lcpl Kenneth Corzine and his family. Any business with a sign out front gave respects. I've never seen anything like it. It was incredibly moving.

I walked around quite a bit but never got as far as where the Westboro people were. I really didn't care to see them anyway. The overall feel to the day was not about them, at least not anywhere I was. It was all people sharing stories about their time in the service and other anti-protests they've been to. Sympathy for the family, respect and thanks for the troops. Hatred successfully absorbed in my book.

It was so cold out it took my entire drive back home and then some to warm my body back up & I wasn't there nearly as long as a lot of these people. They braved the cold for hours to be a part of something they really believed in. I'm so glad that I was there to experience this. It's amazing to see what people are capable of and to see so much good come out.


  1. Gorgeous post- wonderfully written and beautifully documented through your photos.