Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Group Shoot at the Lemp Brewery

The other day I was invited to join several other photographers & models on a shoot with no real agenda but to get together, meet people and make pictures.

The studio space is an entire floor on one building of the old Lemp Brewery in St. Louis. It's an incredible place shadowed by what it once was. There are people using sections of the now "business park" but it still felt very empty.
There were lighting set-ups spaced all around the floor. I used them some but found myself more interested in all of the fantastic natural light spilling in through the large windows and focused mainly on that. 
A lot of the girls brought bikinis and lingerie for their photos, which I got some of but for the most part wasn't too inspired by. Not this day at least. What I did love is that Meredith brought her guns. Pretty women with guns is a combination like tattoos & babies for me. I think it's just great.

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