Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am the ice cream man.

So I came across an ad looking for ice cream vendors and thought why the hell not?

I've always loved the ice cream truck. Still, hearing the tune echo through my neighborhood gets my heart racing and I have to remind myself I don't actually want an ice cream bar right now. Also, truck or not, ice cream may be my very favorite food. It's at least my feel good food. When I told my husband I would be doing this he begged me not to eat all the profits with a genuinely concerned look on his face.

Some people have made the comment, as though it needed to be said, that I should be sure to take lots of photos and document my summer on the truck. I have every intention of attempting this, although there are a lot of things to consider. The main thing is that I'd look like a total creep taking pictures of anything out of an ice cream truck. Any photos of any kids would be totally out of the question. I won't even think of it. Not to mention, it's forbidden (because they know you wont sell ice cream looking like a creep). But even photos of anything else could make people suspicious. I'd probably wonder what that undercover person in the ice cream truck is really up to.

So if I can come up with something inconspicuous and preferably retaining some quality I'd love to properly document my summer. In the meantime I've snapped a few shots with my p.o.s. cell phone.

[My office]


The mirrors on this thing give me every angle on and around the truck.

[Apartment complex]

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