Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wedding at Milton

My previous post talks about the bridal portraits we did for this wedding. Now here is the wedding itself.

As the photographer I had the privilege of witnessing Joel & Meredith's ceremony. Something otherwise reserved for only a few close family members. It was one of the most touching and personal ceremonies I've seen yet.

Because they live in a school that's being remodeled for various uses there was no need to find an event space elsewhere. It just meant priority was placed on getting the areas they would use up & ready before working on anything else.

Just because the ceremony was intimate doesn't mean everyone else they care about was left out. The next day they had a party where many more were invited. This is something I've seen happening much more lately. If my personal experience stands for anything the new trend is to split up the ceremony and reception into two days. I would be hard pressed to call this particular day two a reception though. There were no typical wedding reception events. No first dances or bouquet tosses. What it had was BBQ, pinatas, contests, a bonfire, fireworks, etc. A very appropriate celebration for two of the most creative people I know.

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  1. I seem to hang around with a lot of photographers~ or people with cameras ~ and you are, indeed, awesome. Thanks for making vivid for years to come the memories of one of the most wonderful and peculiar weekends of my life.

    ~M.E. The Other