Friday, May 25, 2012

Save Tassels & Tunes

This is the evolution and story of a photograph, but also the story of a problem we’re having in my town. A continuing story that hopefully will have a happy ending.

This past January Cobra Kai was hosting their monthly Tassels & Tunes show. If you’ve followed my blog or work in general you probably know that I’m at most all of them since they started in 2010. I love the T&T shows. They’re always a good time. This show in particular was one of the best. Maybe it was the crowd, maybe it was the acts, maybe it was simply everything coming together just right. I was also able to get a lot of great shots that night. This is one of Greta Garter, who is never anything less than great.

Last month I showed up way early for the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque show, which was taking the place of the usual Tassels & Tunes, because I wanted to be sure I got myself a good spot. The promoters were prepping and putting up posters for the May show. These posters featured the above shot I made at the January show. I’m always thrilled and flattered when one of my images makes it to the posters. I got one from them and took it out to the car so I could add it to my office wall.


Here’s where the story takes a downward turn. My poor photo got covered up.

About a week before the show a friend called and asked if I’d heard the latest gossip? I said I like gossip, but this time I was wrong. I did not like what I heard. The mayor had banned burlesque in Alton. My heart sank and I was (and still am) angry.

Nearing a month later, and I hardly have any more information than I was able to get that first day. The mayor has danced around and given conflicting answers to the media and hasn’t said much more to the promoters aside from telling them they need to talk to the City Attorney. He has not said what code the shows are in violation of and why it would require a ban as opposed to simply a fine. The promoters are willing to compromise but the mayor is proving to be stubborn. I’m ashamed of the way he’s treating this situation and representing my city.

Along with being promoters, Cobra Kai also designs and prints T-shirts. It therefore was the next natural step to create some shirts for the cause’s many supporters so they can show their support and spread the word. From the posters my image of Greta made its way to the shirts.

On the one hand it’s nice to see it there, but on the other I really wish things didn’t have to come to this. If the mayor would have talked to them right away I’m sure all of this mess would have been avoided. As this year goes on I’ll be doing what I can to help elect a new and better candidate into the mayor’s position. Not just because of his stance on burlesque itself, but mainly for the type of leader he’s shown himself to be.

A few of us before heading out to a city council meeting
If you want updates or just to show support visit the Save Burlesque in Alton facebook page.      

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