Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding in Peoria IL

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Last month I had the pleasure of traveling up to Peoria to photograph Peter and Erin's wedding. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding with everything down to the details thought out and in place.

At the reception I overheard someone compliment them on how perfect the day was. I don't know if they meant a perfect representation of the couple or if it was just the way that person thought a wedding should go, but it got me to think about how usually on any one's wedding day something is bound to go wrong. No matter how big or small, it's always something that by the end of the day is no big deal anyway.

 If anything went wrong this day it was so small I'm unaware of it. They managed to have that one in a million wedding where everything actually went just as planned.

 I'd be willing to bet this has a lot to do with the easy going-ness of the bride. As far as you could tell she wasn't worried about any of the things that could go wrong and showed no signs of nerves.

After the ceremony we headed to downtown Peoria, which I had to familiarise myself with the day before. I was relieved to find the first place I wanted to go wasn't filled with cars as the Oktoberfest festival was going on just down the street.

 I had expected a crowd for Oktoberfest and not met it. I did not expect a crowd further down the road amongst some disheveled buildings, however we did find one there. Apparently this is a popular place for photos and a homecoming dance or something of the like was going on. The whole area was swarming with photographers and teenagers in formal wear. I've never seen anything quite like it. Fortunately we showed up just as most of them were clearing out and we didn't have much trouble getting our photos in there too.

All those little details really showed off at the reception. Each table was the name of a cheese, and that cheese was there for guests to try. They had flip flops and beer cozies as gifts for everyone and a sketch artist on hand to draw portraits.

I'd have to say that if you asked around, you would probably find that the only complaint may be that the evening didn't last longer as the dance floor was packed up until they shut off the music and turned on the lights.

Congratulations Peter & Erin, and kudos on throwing a great party!  

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