Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Harrison

A couple of my oldest friends got together & procreated. Naturally I needed to document the occasion. Well, not *that* occasion. The resulting one.

The weather on the day we planned to make maternity photos was conflicting for me. On the one hand I was hoping for overcast because I had this vision for an image I would make with my view camera. The sun was not a part of that vision. Also, it was way too bright for my film. On the upside it was an incredibly warm day for December and made being outdoors more pleasant for everyone. And outside of the vision I had for that one shot, I have an affinity for back lighting and natural sun flair. As a matter of fact, check out this shot below. I wasn't originally going to add this here but now that I'm talking about it, this thing that looks like a white vignette was made in camera naturally. (And a freak accident like this is the only time it's alright to have a white vignette on a photo. Ever.)

At 13 days old I got to come over and meet the little guy.

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