Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainy Day

I've been pretty exhausted lately, but for some reason the other day I had a bunch of energy. I wanted to anything but sit on my butt. Even though it was raining I set up my camera in the cover of the garage and my dark tent ready in the basement. I thought for sure I could find something out there or in the house to photograph but nothing looked all that appealing. So what do I end up thinking is a good idea? Try to make some wet plate pictures of my black dog in the dark garage. Does it make it any better that I knew they wouldn't really turn out? I don't know. We had fun anyway.

After getting this one photo of her out of my system I knew I still wanted to try and make something better while I had everything out and the temperature was nice but I still had the issue as before with not being very inspired by any of my still life options.

What I decided to do was walk two houses up and knock on my neighbor Pam's door. Pam has been there in the same house for what sounds like as long as the house has been there from the way she talks about it. Occasionally we run into each other and have conversations and as I had brought up my interest in this process the last time we talked I felt that she might like to sit for me. Apparently she had been up late the night before texting with friends and at almost 1:00 in the afternoon had just recently woken up. I don't know why that amuses me. I have no idea how old Pam is, but I have a feeling it's more than how she acts and looks. Actually, it would seem that this process has aged her. It's ended up showing more wrinkles than what are apparent in real life.

So obviously she said yes, but asked to come by just a little later so she could wake up more and put herself together a bit.

Some of the funky stuff going on in these is due to experimentation. Some of it I understand and just want to push things & see it all in person, and some I'm still learning about. This was also my first time trying black stained glass. I either like it a lot or not very much. That all depends on if one of these things I'm still learning is related to it at all.

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