Friday, January 3, 2014

Senior Photos

For some reason some combination of this website and my desktop have been at arms since I've tried to make this post. I suppose I need to troubleshoot but for now it appears that my lap top doesn't have the same conflict so here is a long overdue post about some senior pictures.

We really lucked out. There's usually just one weekend in autumn between nature looking mostly green and mostly dead. Where all those beautiful fall colors are their brightest. That was the weekend Tori & I had scheduled her senior pictures on.

It was a great day for it. Just a tiny bit chilly but I don't think we could have asked for better in November. First we went to a field where we could really take advantage of the time of the year. I had kept my eye on this place for a while, speckled with hay bales and flanked with woodsy-ness, I knew it would be perfect.
Next we went indoors to The Milton Schoolhouse who awesomely allows photographers to rent the unique space for shoots. It was nice to get a break from that chill for a bit. We also went downtown Alton for a few shots before packing it up.

 I'm not often approached for senior photos and I think it's probably mainly because I don't have my own studio (Though for the record, I do have lights I can set up places) and the studio is a big part of the traditional look of senior portraits. So thanks Tori, for doing something a little different with me. I'm thrilled with how these came out and I hope that more soon to be seniors will want to do things kind of non-traditional too.

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