Thursday, August 7, 2014

Danny & Rachel Get Married

We start this story on a farm. This particular farm has been in the bride's family for many years. Her dad didn't know the actual year the original house had been built but knew it was pre civil war. The house could have it's own story. It's an incredibly interesting place and it's no surprise that Rachel wanted to be sure to have some photos made there. When someone living in the house had died the door to their room was closed and left untouched. There are different generations of wallpaper styles in each room and portraits hanging on the walls of people no longer remembered. Now the building is mainly used for storage and it was too cluttered to make photos inside but I was sure to do their first look on the front porch.

Her father, who lives on the farm property, is a car collector. So many cars. This one in particular has a history. Both Rachel's parents and brother had photos made in it on their own wedding days. So the tradition continues.

Because the wedding was small and they didn't have anyone else in their wedding party each of their families joined us at the farm before the ceremony for all of the group pictures.

I've been tempted to make a collage of all the silly faces these two made at each other but I got the impression that wouldn't be appreciated. I genuinely love it though. They're very playful and goofy together.

After a few more photos at the farm it was time to meet the rest of the crew at the ceremony site, a park just a little ways down the road.

Each of them arrived in one of these old cars (more from dad's collection) on either side of the park.

The ceremony itself was short & sweet. Just enough time to say what needed to be said, get a little emotional & then the birdseed flew. Any guest who wanted a ride to the reception climbed on the trolley and we were off to the river.

The Mississippi was actually high enough to flood right by the reception venue but thankfully it held off just enough and we were able to get through. The reception itself was unlike any I had been to before. They rented space at a winery / brewery and had no DJ or music of any kind. The only traditional reception event they did was the cake cutting. I wasn't sure just how that was going to turn out but it was great. Everyone was able to hang out and chat. They did a perfect job at figuring out what was right for them and their crowd without letting tradition influence too much.

And a zombie cake. Awesome.

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