Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arch Rival Roller Girls

I've been meaning to go see some roller derby for I don't even know how long. Finally the other night I got my butt out to Queeny Park to check it out.

The first bout was between the M-80s and the Rebel Skate Alliance.
(RSA has some of my favorite skater names. Stabby McCutcha, The Oregon Betrayal...I love it)

The M-80s won.

I may be able to give a little more insight to the bout itself as there seemed to be a play by play going on constantly. However no matter where I was in the whole place I couldn't understand a word those guys were saying. It sounded like they were broadcasting from down the street or something. On the plus side, you can grab a booklet that goes into great detail about the game and the players so you can follow along yourself just fine even if you showed up not knowing anything about the sport.

The second bout was between the Stunt Devils and the Smashinistas. The Stunt Devils killed it mainly because their jammers were sneaky fast little things and would slip right on through. I thought it was a more entertaining bout to watch even though it was a bit of a blow out. There was more action going on. 

You can find out more info about them here.

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