Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Find the Egg

It's Easter time again, and the City Hunts folks just had their annual egg hunt. I love working with these guys. It's always a lot of fun.

The weather tried to spoil the fun. A huge storm came through earlier in the evening complete with hail but everything cleared up just in time. We all met up at South Broadway Athletic Club in Soulard where the teams signed in and picked up their instructions. At kick-off teams ran to their cars and drove off to the next clue locations.

Dressing up is encouraged.

We had a bit of trouble at the South County Mall clue spot. For some reason the security guards didn't like groups of grown adults running in the mall. Go figure. But what'cha gonna do? People get excited.

At most of the locations teams would find someone to give them an egg with their next clue. The last location however is an actual hunt. About five teams had made it to the end before one of them found the golden egg winning a $500 grand prize!

For the after party we went back to South Broadway Athletic Club. Everyone hung out, shared stories from the night, & oh yeah- had a peeps eating contest!

One of the greatest things I've ever seen.

The team that found the golden egg.
Go check out for more of their hunts coming up!
Also, to see all the pictures from the night visit the "view your photos" section of my website and use the password "hunt."

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