Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Those Randy Dandies...

...They're up to it again.

This show's story revolved around Swifty Deeds' quest for a new job.

Here he is loosing his job and loosing his shirt.

This show was at The Gaslight Theater on Gaslight Square. The area has a very interesting history. If you're not familiar, there's some info on the theater's website and here on the square's official website. The theater is small & intimate. A great place to see a show like this.

Swifty made a few visits to the career counselors at the Randy Dandy House of Unemployment and during his visits we got to see examples of different types of careers.  

 Riveting Rosy Riveters, and an astronaut.

In the end, Swifty decided he wanted to join the Navy and there was much rejoicing.

(You can see all my photos from the show on my facebook page)

The next show these guys have lined up is a choose your own adventure theme. I can't wait to see what they do for that one. Really, the prospect of sexy dinosaurs alone is enough to get me there and that I was given. Keep up with them here to find out details of their upcoming shows & whatnot.

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